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Servicing the design and construction industry

Providing custom solutions to complex construction challenges

Northeastern Engineering Corp. (NEC) provides multi-division engineering services that include structural engineering, construction engineering and specialty structural engineering divisions inclusive of cold formed steel framing systems, aluminum framed glass curtain wall enclosures, construction engineering, custom façade systems and component performance engineering for many different building products. We serve private and public clients along the Northeast corridor and follow the geographic needs of our clients across the country and beyond.

NEC focuses on a team approach that unites lead engineers, staff engineers and highly-skilled technicians with experience in both new and renovation design projects. Our team remains committed to providing innovative personalized design services while continuing to further their own education. We are constantly researching new design technologies and devising cutting-edge services. Our experience gives us the ability to perform immediate project assessments and recommendations tailored to the client’s needs and to specialize in fast track projects.

Our initial assessments of the client’s needs are often made when working with minimal available information. The insights we provide during the concept development phase typically have an enormous impact on the design and construction success of the project. NEC is often solicited to contribute to pre-bid or conceptual phasing early in the process for design and engineering requirements that range widely in scope and complexity. Divisions of the company are structured to serve a wide range of construction industries and needs.