We understand the urgency of the construction timeline...

At Northeastern Engineering Corp. (NEC) we investigate and develop design solutions to achieve efficient and seamless collaboration using our in-house project team’s expertise in construction engineering. Our experience and range of projects is complemented by rigorous attention to client schedules and budgetary limits. NEC’s experienced project management team and staff leverage multidisciplinary expertise to develop value-engineered plans that meet all local jurisdictional building code requirements.

Our construction engineering services are outlined below:

  • Foundation Engineering
  • Retaining Structures and Walls
  • Construction Shoring
  • Demolition Plans
  • Erection Plans
  • Rigging and Hoisting Designs
  • Sheeting and Braced Excavations
  • Signage Foundations
  • Luminaries Foundations
  • Support for Communication Structures
  • Construction Inspections and Evaluations
  • Elevator Replacements and Inspections
  • Drainage and Grading
  • Crane and Rigging for Buildings and Bridges
  • Scaffold and Shoring Systems
  • Life safety and Suspension Systems
  • Foundation Underpinning
  • Traffic Signal Foundations