At Northeastern Engineering Corp. (NEC), we offer state-of-the-art shop drawing services designed to make your projects more profitable and timely. We save costs and correct potential issues before they become a problem through the use of carefully developed shop drawings. We ensure accurate baseline drawings, including connections, details and specifications.

Our services send your project from estimating to fabrication to field erection with proven results. Whether it is engineered documents, framing plans or construction drawings, our drawings serve as an “installation manual” for your project. These drawings contain any information the installer will need in an easy-to-read, quickly accessible format that avoids costly delays. Accurate drawings save time during the project management and production process. They reduce the errors and the amount of rework, which ultimately aids in the profit of the clients and leads to fewer revisions and shorter job turnaround times.

Project bid documents are supplemented and customized with specific details geared towards installers preferences and aligned with the bid assumptions. The delegated design process in the construction industry has shifted the design responsibility to the end user, which creates the need for quality structural engineering planning and certified plan submittals.