Northeastern Engineering Corporation (NEC) was founded as a structural engineering consulting firm and serves clients nationwide. The firm provides structural/civil and specialty engineering services, coupled with construction consulting. Specializing in fast track projects and adapting to each client’s individual needs, NEC stands alone in our ability to engage a wide range of industry sectors and meet the needs of individual contractors, general contractors, developers, manufacturers, architects and owners alike.

NEC has the experience and expertise to deliver comprehensive designs and engineering solutions necessary for the challenges of today’s complex construction industry. Our projects vary in size and complexity for each structure type and our specialized design engineers have mastered the wide array of design and engineering requirements of cutting-edge and multi-layered building and construction systems and methods. The firm’s construction knowledge has been earned and tested by thousands of projects and traces its roots back to the advent of the design, build and performance submission process.

NEC uniquely serves our clients through dual areas of service, providing delegated specialty structural engineering on larger complex projects, as well as offering overall lead or prime structural engineering services, as project Structural Engineer of Record (SER), on small to medium-sized projects. As structural engineers, our experience in analysis, design, planning, and research enables us to achieve design goals and ensure the safety and cost-effectiveness of the construction process. Our specialty engineering divisions assist multi-layered construction projects from concept to completion. The quality and consistency of our work has generated our sterling reputation as a company that completes projects with timely and cost-efficient results.