Northeastern Engineering Corporation (NEC) was founded by Kevin M. Finnegan who has served a majority of the industries’ clients. Mr. Finnegan launched the branding of NEC and established the firm to accommodate the ever-growing market demand for our services. NEC is committed to our founding goal of collaborating with project developers, contractors, owners, architects, engineers and project managers to ensure the successful structural engineering of each project. We realize this mission every day and will continue to embrace our rich technical heritage and empower our clients to achieve their projected goals.

Our work in structural engineering consulting began with servicing state and municipal sectors, which paved the way for a multi-industry representation within the construction industry. Manufacturers of building products and end-users alike value our diverse experience. NEC’s expertise in navigating the design and construction approval process draws from thousands of successfully completed projects. Our knowledge provides valuable insight and solutions for the challenges of traditionally run construction projects. NEC is pioneering an essential industry niche by offering structural engineering services and professional representation to contractors and construction projects of all sizes.

We facilitate delivery schedules of a project in the most efficient and economical manner early in the design/build process by overlapping the design and construction phases. NEC’s specialty divisions were formed to support the management of engineering challenges created by this new fast paced industry and the constantly evolving responsibilities of today’s market. We are focused on providing individual project assessments based on the project’s needs, while accommodating the project’s timeline with rapid service.